Elementary Teacher Information (K-7)

Contact the appropriate teacher to enquire about the program

Kindergarten – Grade 3 Grade 4 – 7


Registrations can only be completed once the parent/guardian has spoken with the appropriate teacher to ensure that online learning is an appropriate fit for your child. After the discussion with the teacher and a decision is made that this is suitable for your child, the teacher will provide a password which will allow you to complete the online registration.

After your registration has been submitted, contact the teacher to arrange an Engagement Meeting (contact information above).

  • The following will be discussed during the Engagement Meeting:
    • Student Learning Plan
    • Overview of resources
    • Responsibilities of parents and students
  • Students will complete an engagement activity involving reading, writing, and math. Teachers will provide feedback.
  • Engagement meetings will be approximately 1 – 2 hours in length

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