Burnaby Online accepts registrations from the following students:

  • Full-time Grades K - 12 (must not be attending any other school and do not have to live in district)
  • Part-time Grades 8  - 12 (secondary students who want to take extra courses - they do not have to live in district)
  • Adults, graduated (upgrading) and ungraduated (Click here for Adult Grad Information)

Students in the following categories can register but there are systematic requirements:

  • Part-time out of district Grades K - 7. Requirement: Can register as long as Burnaby Online is their only enrolled learning institution. Cannot be registered at any other school in British Columbia.

If you have questions, please call us at 604.664.2526, ext. 1

We have a Challenge Math 8 program for in district Grade 7 students but it has rigorous guidelines for inclusion.

Keep in mind that registration acceptance only moves the registrant to the review stage, it does not guarantee entrance into our program. Final approval and entrance will be granted:

  • Once our counsellor and SBRT team reviews all pertinent files and paperwork and
  • If the student learning style fits the online learning profile.

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Summer Session Registration

Summer Course Work (updated July 3)

As of today, it appears that the British Columbia Public School Employers Association (BCPSEA) and The British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) remain far apart in their bargaining positions. As a result Burnaby Teachers remain on strike and have informed the District that they will be picketing in July and August.  Regrettably, as a result, instructional services for Burnaby Online are limited to students who registered by June 16, 2014.  Students registered prior to June 16, 2014 will receive service throughout the summer. Registrations received after June 16, 2014 will not  be processed until there is a resolution to the current labour action.