Who Takes Courses Online?

Keys to Success?

Here are two short surveys to help determine your ability to self-regulate your online learning. 

  • The technology quiz helps to determine if a student has the required technology skills, especially access to and a level of comfort with computers.
  • The learning styles quiz helps students identify if they have the requisite learning preferences, attitudes and work habits.

Common Student Situations

Some of the most common reasons students take courses online are:

Home-based Learners
Burnaby Online provides home education options by providing families with access to resources, support, teacher-led instruction of Ministry approved curriculum and knowledgeable staff.

Gifted and Talented
Some students may find the freedom of 'directed study' best meets their individual needs. Students can vary the time taken in topics to best meet their interest levels or focus of attention. Gifted students can work rapidly, diversely, and pursue areas of interest to great depth as they choose.

Students requiring Out of School Support
Students who for many reasons find it difficult to attend or function in a regular classroom can benefit greatly from the flexibility of time and space of Online learning.

Elite Athletes, World Travellers
Students who require flexible scheduling or distance education benefit greatly from Online Learning. Students ordinarily residents of British Columbia may travel with their parents, seek alternate and enriching experiences and still maintain their British Columbia educational program. Families must retain a valid BC address and travel for no more than ten months.

Other Online Students
Students may seek an alternate learning vehicle for many reasons. The focus, clarity and flexibility of the online program may be a significant asset to some students.

Individual education plans are developed for students with special learning and behaviour needs.