How Does it Work?

Online Learners

Students work with staff to develop a learning plan and then commit to meeting the conditions outlined in that plan.




Programming is usually delivered remotely and requires:

  • The active participation of the student.
  • A student that self-regulates and has a desire to explore self-directed learning.
  • The parent/guardian supports and monitors both engagement and progress to partner in student learning.

As part of the regular review process the staff evaluates the learning needs of individual students. This review is done through the tracking team which monitors engagement rates. It may be necessary to review the program and make the required changes or explore alternative educational options. Student Progress Reports »

Resources Available

Students access academic and technical support from Burnaby Online staff, through online and phone collaboration. A toll-free line is provided for students outside the British Columbia Lower Mainland to access Burnaby Online teachers and the technical team.  Textbooks and other resources are available from Burnaby Online.

Assessment and Evaluation

Students follow the same British Columbia program of studies and must meet the same achievement standards as students in traditional classrooms. Assignments and projects may be submitted online and will be assessed by Burnaby Online teaching staff, all members of the BC College of Teachers.

Tests for Grade 8-12 courses will be written and supervised in our offices at Cariboo Hill Secondary.
On-Site Test Writing »

Students outside of the Lower Mainland will be required to arrange for invigilation of their exams. Students and parents will receive regular email updates on academic progress and school news.
Student Progress Reports »

Parent's Role

Parents need to provide a stimulating, supportive and supervised environment for their child and to be aware of their child's progress and challenges. Burnaby Online encourages ongoing communication between parents and teachers and offers advice, assistance and feedback whenever needed.

All courses are teacher-led and students are encouraged to work at a speed best matched to their success, however that speed is expected to be productive and purposeful, with courses being completed in a timely way.

Clarification of the Ministry position on the parent’s role in online education is contained on our Frequently Asked Questions page.