May 17

Posted by Burnaby Online
5/17/2017 12:49 PM 

Emails from Burnaby Online office or teachers may not be reaching you. This is specifically directed to users with Hotmail accounts, although gmail, and yahoo users may want to make similar changes to their email account settings to ensure email for us reaches you.

We have been receiving notifications from parents and students with Hotmail accounts that they are not receiving emails from us, or responses to emails they have sent to us. Unfortunately we are not notified when the email does not reach you. It appears that Hotmail is filtering out our emails unless you have specifically added to your Safe senders list in your account. To do this, log into yourHhotmail account, so to the settings then options then Safe Senders. Enter into the box at the top of the list and click on the + sign to add our domain to your safe senders list. Click on Save to save the changes. This will allow emails sent from our office or from the individual teachers to reach your account successfully.



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